After being Lost in sea teenager survives 49 days

Earlier this year, An Indonesian teenager was lost in sea and rescued after spending 49 days at sea in the fishing raft.

19-year-old Adilang is From the island of Sulawesi, he spent 49 days sitting on the raft, while at night he uses lamp around the raft to attract fishes.

He survived by Catching fish and reading his bible but some moments he felt like ” giving up “.He uses his shirt to filter sea water.

He said that: ” Now he will never meet his parents again, so he prayed every day “

How he Lost in sea :

On 14-July, around 7 a.m, A storm tore Adilang raft from its mooring again.

At first, Adilang stated, he wasn’t excessively stressed when he realized that the rope to his crude anchor had snapped.

He rested that night, and when he got up the following day, he remained at his shack’s entryway/door, quietly sitting for one of his supervisor’s/boss rescue ships, to come and save him.

None showed up. Not that day, nor the next, nor the day after that.

lost is sea

When the week was out, Adilang started to panic. There was not a single safeguard ship to be found, and his food supplies were no more.

He began to .catch fish, Now and again, he ate them crude and even smelly to continue himself.

He said, at a point, he confessed and he became suicidal.

“It was like, jumping into the sea, that was an exit plan”

But he remembered the advice of his parent that “pray”. Luckily he had a bible, so he did.

Adilang said that he saw more than 9 ships and he shouted and try to make hail them over his radio.

he said that every time he saw a ship, he was hopeful.

On the morning of 31-August, Panama-flagged bulk carrier MV Arpeggio sailed by his raft.

He yells and waves his cloth, but the ship members didn’t see him.

At that point, he turned on his radio and implored that

“Help, Help, Help….”

The ship of the captain “Mirza marveled” caught the signal and he rescued.

From this video you can see how to a teenager was lost in sea and how he rescued :

This was the story of a teenager who was Lost in the sea, Want to know more about it? You can Click here.

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