PUBG Mobile Banned in India & China, soon will be banned in Pakistan?

pubg mobile

You may have gone over a letter which says that the widely praised Battle Royale mobile game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) Mobile is restricted in India.

This news spreading across social media( i.e, facebook, twitter etc) saying that it is a piece of fake news.

There is no such pronouncement expressing that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile being restricted in India and Pakistan.

PUBG Mobile gathering of people includes a tremendous amount of Indian and Pakistanis audience. The news of this game being restricted(banned) in India would be an issue to both the designers of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and the Indian PUBG gaming network.

This game is in the news for nearly a couple of months for both bad and good reasons.

Pakistan government is also looking into this matter because there’s a big amount of kids, teens and even adults playing this game for a couple hours straight, this game is addictive and soon it can be a big problem for teens, kids, and adults.

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile recently launched a 4th New map (beta version), its 4th map ( VIKENDI) has drawn even more attention to it, and it’s now more enjoyable and addictive.

Players from all around India partook (participated) in the Campus Championship competition. The competition was an enormous achievement and it likewise went about as a noteworthy advertisement for the game.

Recently PUBG Mobile was restricted in China. The game may be viewed as a nuisance by India’s, Pakistanis, Chinese more by the old age generation but it isn’t something to be prohibited.

There are reports that youngsters, teens, and kids bunk their class to play PUBG Mobile. Through this doesn’t mean that the game is misleading the new age.

From this, we can say that it might can be banned in Pakistan.

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