New Year’s Eve 2019-Auckland police’s desperate plea for fireworks watchers

new year's eve

New Year’s Eve is a day for spreading mixed feeling for others. On one hand, it is an opportunity to celebrate the year’s end passed by and welcome the New Year.

Then again, a few people encounter a feeling that occurred in their lives in the previous year. Numerous people begin considering New Year’s goals during this time.

Many People begin checking down to New Year’s Day in the latest possible time or seconds before the most recent night of the year closes and the New Year starts.

A few people tune into viewing TV’s commencements. As the clock strikes midnight into New Year’s Day, numerous people enjoy & celebrate this occasion by trading embraces, kisses, and by wishing everyone a “Happy New Year”.

In a few sections of the world, incorporating the United States, numerous people sing the Scottish melody song “Auld Lang Syne” amid the New Year’s Eve festivities.

Auckland police’s desperate plea for New Year’s Eve fireworks watchers

New Year’s Eve revelers in Auckland are being asked by police not to stop their vehicles (i.e cars) on the Harbor Bridge to watch the firecrackers(fireworks).

As crazy as it might appear, police say they have been to various crashes and close misses on the extension bridge in earlier years where people have ceased their vehicles and, only in some cases, even got out to get a decent perspective of the firecrackers.

In an announcement, NZTA and Police said that stopping on the bridge was ” inherently perilous” and could prompt a deadly accident.

People who will stop without a certifiable reason, which does not include watching firecrackers, confront a notice of up to $600.

There will be a lot of cops around that bridge on the event to of New year to keep an eye on the people.

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