A man attacked a McDonald’s employee over a straw and she fought back


The Florida man had recently gotten his requested order at a McDonald’s on Monday evening in St. Petersburg. After seeing that there were not any straw out at the condiment station he became upset.

Biandudi said that He came back to the counter and got in a warmed contention with an employee about the straws. At that point, the video shows the guy coming to over the counter and getting the worker.

Before the night’s over, Daniel Taylor, a 40-year-old homeless guy, would be captured by the police on two charges of basic battery, as per a capture affirmation from the St. Petersburg Police Department. A legal advisor (lawyer) for Taylor couldn’t be reached Wednesday night.

A city law became effective on January 1 that requires customers to request for straws. It’s a route for organizations to change and adjust before a ban on single-utilize plastic straws produces results in January 2020.

Taylor said the McDonald’s employees weren’t carrying out their responsibilities. “She disclosed to him we’re not permitted to have the straws in the entryway(lobby) but rather he can get one upon demand. He said that there is no law stated that. He began trading words bound with irreverence, which I don’t want to repeat,” Biandudi said.

She said that “I took a look at my camera and I figured I may need to record this since there were so few customers in the store. When he moved toward her, I hit record. He came near and attempted to snatch her and hit her”

The contention reportedly started again over straws – Mcdonald Employee attack :

Biandudi had gone into the McDonald’s to utilize the bathroom( or restroom) and purchase a drink when she heard the fight or yelling start. It was quite early at night on New Year’s Eve and her girl was in the McDonald’s drive-through getting a request.

As found in the video, Taylor hung over the counter and immediately snatched the Girl ( Yasmine James), who was working the register, by the shirt neckline. He pulled her near to his face.

Seconds after the fact, James began whaling on that man — giving punch after punch. They sticked onto each other as the lady protected herself.

People(in background) in the store could be heard saying “stop” and “let her go”. It took right around 15 seconds to set them free.

This case is still under investigation — Bentil Said.

McDonald’s is cooperating with police about this case.

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