Afghanistan gold mine collapse

Afghanistan gold mine collapse: Gold Mine Collapse in Badakhshan kills 30

Officials said that Somewhere around 30 people have been killed in the fall of a gold mine in north-eastern Afghanistan

The collapse of the gold mine happened in the Kohistan area of Badakhshan region.

Local Villagers had reportedly dug a 220ft (which is about 60meter) deep yet makeshift shaft in a waterway(river) bed to chase for gold and was gotten in its fall.

Afghanistan has huge resources of minerals however huge numbers of the mines are old and kept up poorly, making extreme security issues.

Villagers were apparently utilizing an excavator at the site when the gold mine collapse.

Officials said that somewhere around 7 other people were highly injured.

Nik Mohammad Nazari, the representative for the commonplace senator, revealed to Agence France-Presse about Afghanistan gold mine collapse :

“The villagers have been engaged with this business for a considerable length of time with no administrative(government) power over them.

“We have just sent a rescue group to that zone, yet villagers have just begun removing bodies from the site.”

Nik Mohammad Said the main reason of the collapse is that the miners were not professional.

Badakhshan is a remote, rocky region in upper east Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China.

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