HBO debuts first Game Of Thrones season 8 footage

game of thrones season 8

As energizing and exciting as Sunday night was for the victors at the Golden Globes, HBO figured out to steal a portion of their spotlights by appearing new film from its lineup of 2019 shows, some of which are returning, and others of which are new to the system. The two video clips that emerged were from the last period of Game of Thrones and the main 1st period of Watchmen, however, the majority of the shows HBO featured looked fascinating.

Again in November 2018, HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones would return for its 8th and last season in 2019-April. We haven’t heard much since, yet on Sunday, we got our first look, as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow touch base(arrive) in Winterfell and Sansa Stark appears to promise her kingdom to the Queen’s motivation.

It’s only a short-lived moment in what is certain to be a hurricane of the last season, yet observing Jon snow and Sansa back together ought to be sufficient to hold fans over until the point when the show returns in a couple of months. Shockingly, regardless we don’t know absolutely when that is destined to be, yet it shouldn’t be any longer until HBO makes another declaration.

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