Man caught on camera licking a house doorbell for 3 hours

caught on camera

Police said that A video of a Man belongs to California was caught on camera (security) shows that the Man is licking the doorbell of a family’s house.

Caught on camera :

This man identified as a 33 years old whose name is Roberto Arroyo, went through more than two hours licking outside a home in Salinas, where he purportedly licked theDave and Sylvia Family doorbell, he eased himself in their yard and he also steals an extension wire/cord from their Christmas lights show.

Roberto Arroyo faces possible offense allegations of insignificant robbery, sneaking, and infringement of probation, Police Department revealed to The Post.District Attorney’s Office will take look on this case to decide if to squeeze charges.

The family said that they come to know about Arroyo when their cellphones notify them about the movement on their home camera. They weren’t home at the season of the occurrence yet said that their kids were inside the home resting.

Sylvia said that ” I Started viewing the video (of that man) and thought that who the hell is this? “

Police could recognize the suspect from the video clip because he has a past filled with criminal offenses.

Cabrera told KION-TV that We were wonderfully shocked the picture was so clear, it didn’t take us long to identify the person.

After of licking the Dungans home doorbell, he apparently visited another home in the area.

caught on camera
Source: NEW.COM.AU

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