Google warns the users of Google Chrome to update their browser


Google is now giving a warning to the Chrome browser users to update their programs quickly because of a security bug that could give hackers a chance to capture your PC.

The technical firm was compelled to make a make an announcement because the chrome hackers figured out how to reveal the bug before Google discovered it, which is a noteworthy cause for concern.

Google consistently fixes bugs that can abuse your PC programming system and decrease PC security.

However, here and there, these bugs are called “zero-day”.

Zero-day a term which takes its name from the way that the merchant still can’t seem to understand the defenselessness and fix it. It implies the firm had zero days to get ready to handle the issue since they didn’t have any acquaintance with it could occur.

That is the situation with this most recent bug, which implies hackers had a headstart and that is terrible news for you.


You don’t need to be panic if you use chrome, you just need to update your program to protect your PC which just takes a couple of moments.

Nitty gritty data about what will occur if the chrome users don’t update their product has not yet been uncovered.

About this bug Google has warned in a blog post.

Google said that ” “We will likewise hold restrictions if the bug exists in an outsider library that different ventures comparably rely upon, however, haven’t yet fixed.”

Some technology specialists are estimating that the security weakness could enable programmers to embed malware with no warnings or popups, read documents and possibly even assume control over PCs remotely.

Cybersecurity specialists have been encouraging people using Chrome to update their program when they can.

Researcher of chrome “Justin Schuh” said in his tweet:

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How to Update Chrome browser:

To update your program, got to the upper right of the browser window where the three dots are showing, click on that.

Search in the drop-down menu “Help” click on that, then click on “About the google chrome”.

After this a new window will open, now from here you can easily update your browser.

This is the Chrome bug, update your browser to remove the chances of getting hijacked.

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