3 Ways to Boost your Recharge card sales – Guest Post

Ways to Boost your Recharge card sales

You’re only as strong as your last sale. That’s why attracting and retaining customers is the top priority for any business. If you’re in the telecoms industry, you may have witnessed a move from voice and SMS to a more internet and WiFi-dependent culture. But, there’s still hope as 60% of mobile phone users in the current market are pay-as-you-go or pre-paid subscribers and many of these top up their account using printed recharge cards as they prefer to use physical cards. Want to know how to improve engagement, brand recall and most importantly, your revenue? Let’s make note of a few tips from Workz, the world’s largest scratch card manufacturer, Ways to Boost your Recharge card sales:

Increasing interactivity and engagement

Ways to Boost your Recharge card sales

In a competitive and dynamic mobile industry, interacting and providing more value through the recharge card can incentivise greater usage and sales. This could be in the form of a scratch and win, top trumps-style game or even a series of collectible artworks. Network operators including Vodafone, Digicel, Econet and Orange are a few who have run successful scratch and win campaigns recently and gained a high return on investment. Some scratch card suppliers are equipped to customize products thus ensuring greater perceived value which enhances product sales.

Brand collaborations

Ways to Boost your Recharge card sales

Another way to increase purchase is through brand collaboration. Cross-brand collaborations offer a dual incentive. For example, Vodafone India announced its partnership with Amazon Pay to provide gift cards to subscribers purchasing recharge cards of a certain value.
Now, why won’t anyone want to buy a recharge card when it has an added benefit? Think about it.

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Discount cards

Recharge cards with discount coupons can result in a high ROI for network operators. The card can entitle subscribers to offers on third-party products or services thus encouraging more frequent repeat purchases and, in the long run, greater brand loyalty.The quickest way to boost sales.
The main factor for incentivizing recharge cards is to gain greater revenue for the network operator but can also benefit customer engagement and brand awareness. As a recharge card supplier, Workz recommends that operators reconsider how the traditional recharge card works for them and seize the opportunity to significantly boost sales revenue through some relatively small and easy modifications.

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