Best WordPress Tools To Use In 2019

Best WordPress Tools

WordPress is the best content management system on which you can create a blog with ease. As you know every blogger is struggling nowadays so, it means It is very tough to win the race, but It can only be possible if you work smartly.
Here are some tools which can assist you in your WordPress blogging journey;

Everest Forms (FREE)

Best WordPress Tools

Everest forms are the WordPress plugin used to create contacts and customs. You can create your own form according to your desire. You can design your custom forms with custom fields. It will generate specific shortcode for specific form through which you can use forms anywhere in pages or posts.

WPX Hosting (Web Hosting For WordPress Users Only)

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is the best hosting for WordPress users provided by Terry Kyle which allows you to host your WP Blog on the fastest hosting ever and get blazing fast servers that makes your blog load faster, easier & conveniently by Users and also fills up your SEO Practices with more positive ranking signals.

Jetpack (FREE)

Best WordPress Tools
  • Jetpack is a freeware WordPress plugin which assist you in many tasks. It automates your WordPress blog.
  • Jetpack provides such functionalities;
  • Brute force attack protection: It protects you from hackers. Jetpack assist you in security measures.
  • Spam filtering: It prevents your blog from spam activity.
  • Stats & Monitoring: You can view your visitors and traffic on the basis of country, source or date. This feature helps to view the statistics of the website.
  • Daily or real-time backups: It helps to save your site data. Your blog content is protected from loss. In case you lost your site data you can recover it from jetpack backups. You’re allowed to backup or restore anytime.
  • Secure logins: Your logins will be restricted or limited; nobody is allowed to access your login page. It will hide or limit your login.
  • Malware Scanning: Your data will be scanned, and It will automatically remove the harmful files, If someone tries to inject file on your web hosting server then It will automatically be removed.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

Best WordPress Tools

Grammarly is a grammar checker tool which assists you in create article writing. It is used for proofreading of content. Grammarly tool suggests you replace your mistakes or words to the best words. If you want to provide quality content to your visitors on your WordPress blog, then I’ll recommend you to use Grammarly grammar checker tool.

Akismet (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

Akismet is the WordPress plugin used to filter spam or bad link comments which aren’t good or sent by any bot. As you know, some bloggers try to use the bot for bad SEO so Akismet is only WP plugin which can stop those spammers and their activities.

Yoast SEO (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

Yoast SEO WP plugin used for search engine optimization. It allows you to add meta title, meta tags, and meta description. You can use this WP plugin for on-page SEO. It generates robot.txt file and XML site map for you. It allows you to configure your blog for SEO. If you don’t have knowledge about SEO, then you need to install it because while writing It will give you complete instructions about on-page SEO and It will stop you if you cross the limit.
As per my view or knowledge, I think on-page SEO is really important, and nowadays It’s very important to focus on your content. Without quality content, nobody can rank the website.

User Registration (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

User registration is the free WordPress plugin through which you can configure the registration form for all visitors. Anyone can signup on your blog, and He/She can log in to your account. User registration can be configured easily with the help of this WP plugin.
Any visitor can create an account on your blog to get your blog posts via email. It depends upon you that what role you’ve assigned for default registered users.

Google XML Sitemaps (FREE)

Best WordPress Tools

Google XML sitemaps are the free WordPress plugin used to generate the sitemap for WordPress blog. As you know ranking depends upon the feedback of Google crawler’s report. Google XML sitemap generates a link of your blog posts, pages, and tags on one place through which a crawler can get to know about the pages of your blog.
XML sitemaps are used to identify the posts or pages of your WordPress blog.

WooCommerce (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

It is a WordPress plugin used to launch E-Commerce blog. If you’re willing to sell products on your blog, then you should use WooCommerce plugin through which you can add multiple products on your blog. You can set the price and UOM of your blog. You can use switcher your products to show them variant.
It is a free plugin, and It can be used easily for all WordPress blog. Nowadays services are also being managed by WooCommerce WP plugin.

Nivo Slider (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

It is a free plugin through which you can personalize your blog with sliders. You can generate shortcode of any slider to show them in post or pages.

WP Smush (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

WP smush is the freeware WP plugin used to optimize blog because It assists you in image optimization. It reduces the size of the image and tries to maintain it’s quality.
As you know, page speed matters a lot, and It’s tough to load if your web page consists of many images, CSS and Js.

Redirection (FREE)

Best WordPress Tools

Redirection is a free plugin through which you can redirect your blog posts or pages. If you want to divert your visitors or traffic from one post or page to another, then you can use redirection.

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MailChimp for WordPress (Freemium)

Best WordPress Tools

MailChimp is used for email campaign and marketing. You can track the visitor’s clicks and impression with the help of this WP plugin. You can create custom email format for your all users. If someone subscribes to your MailChimp on your blog, then your future posts will be shared automatically.

These are some popular and useful WordPress tools. From these tools, you can make your website stunning.

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