How to use Google Maps to prepare your Trip

google maps trip

Google Maps has many features that can help you prepare for your trip or city break. Use offline maps on your smartphone, create your own city maps, plan a city tour or travel virtually to foreign locations.

I remember how thrilling I found it, as author Saroo Brierley found, with the help of Google Earth, after long research, his home village in India, from which he disappeared at the age of only five years. He grew up as an adopted child in Australia and only visually remembered the streets with the train station.

google maps trip

Save maps and use offline

You can access maps on your phone and then save them for later offline use. Open the Google Maps app and go to the desired location in Google Maps, then click on the red pin. Select the map you want, tap Download.

From the computer, you send over “Send to my Smartphone” the card to your phone. You can use the card for 30 days. It is also possible to send a card from the computer to your mobile phone.

Create your own maps – Google maps trip

Google My Maps lets you create your own map. You will need an account with Google. Call My Maps into your internet browser, log in and go to “Create new map”. At the top left under “Unknown map,” you assign the name of the map. Under the tab “Basic map” you choose the desired map type like simple atlas.

In different levels, you can then enter hotels, attractions, restaurants and bars. Use the search box with the magnifying glass to find the place. With the “+ add to the map” you can collect the individual highlights in your map. The places you can give typical symbols (train, cable car, shopping, and viewpoint) and also different colors, for example, to distinguish sights of restaurants.

google maps trip
Google maps trip

Plan a route via Google Maps

If you would like to plan a city tour in advance, you create a new level “city stroll”. Then click below the search box on the route icon (the bent arrow) and select each place in turn. Under Preview, you can check the result and then send it with the Share function by e-mail. The map will be stored in Google Drive under My Places and Maps. You can also use it to plan a trip and send it as an invitation to your friends.

To look at virtually foreign places and go for a walk

You would like to see in advance what the environment of your hotel looks like? Search the hotel in Google Maps. Icons should appear next to the hotel marker. It increases with a click on the picture. If the image has a circular arrow, you can see the environment in all directions.

About Street View you can go through cities not only virtually, but you will also find Interiors eg from museums and restaurants. Street View can be found in Google Maps via the little orange male on the right side of the screen. Where there are light blue lines on the map, you can walk all the way.

So I went on the screen all the way along the white beach of Clearwater Beach. When you hold the mouse over the photo, you see a light gray arrow that you can use to move. Just use the arrow keys on your keyboard. That was a nice preparation for our trip to Clearwater.

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Photo Sphere is 360-degree panoramas that can be created using the Google Photo App. Many users like to use these in Google Maps.

New to Google Maps is the function to display a route for wheelchair users. So far, this is only possible in the cities of New York, London, Boston, Tokyo, and Mexico City, but more cities will be added. You can find the function under Google Maps, Route planner and then the arrow on the top left which leads to the route options. Here you can make a tick below wheelchair accessible. I think it’s great!

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