How to Deal With Common Foot Problems

Foot Problems

Foot problems are gaining popularity due to the bad lifestyle and lack of care of our bodies. As people spend most of their time working in the office, their legs and feet do not get adequate exercise. The lack of activity and poor blood circulation in the legs lead to foot problems.

There are a variety of foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, athlete’s foot etc. For some issues, you need to visit a qualified podiatrist, but you can treat some problems at home with simple remedies. Let us discuss some common foot problems and see when you need to visit a podiatrist and what you can address at home.

Heel pain – Common Foot Problems


A pain in the heel can be a sign of plantar fasciitis that is the inflammation of the tissue between the heel bone and toes. The heel pain can make it difficult to walk and cause of suffering is the swelling of plantar fasciitis tissue. Your feet need rest, and you must stretch your foot and heels at home. Avoid too much walking or standing activities and take over the counter pain relieving medicines.

Heel Spurs

Foot Problems

A heel spur can be another source of pain in the heel. It is the abnormal growth of the bone under the heel and can happen due to any reason. The reason can be wearing the wrong size of footwear, improper posture while standing, walking, or running. The pain of heel spurs can make it difficult to walk or run.

People with heel spurs should wear a cut-out heel pad or custom foot orthotics in their shoes. They should take over the counter medicines, but it is essential o offer rest to the feet until the heel spurs are gone. If the pain is severe and hampers the day to day movement, you must contact a podiatrist for treatment.


Foot Problems

Metatarsalgia is a foot condition in which there are pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot. The condition can be caused due to a strenuous activity like jumping or running. Metatarsalgia is also known as a stone bruise, and patients can use ice treatment to comfort their foot. Use shoe inserts to provide some cushion to the ball of the foot and take pain relievers if necessary. Ask a foot doctor for the foot orthotics or insoles to wear in the shoes.

Athlete’s Foot


It is a fungal infection that occurs at the toes or between the fingers of the foot. The common symptoms of the condition are the blistering, cracking, itching and peeling of the foot skin. The condition is contagious and can quickly spread to other areas of the feet and body. One should treat the athlete’s foot as soon as possible.

Keep the feet dry and clean all the times and use antifungal foot powder, spray or lotion three to four times a day. It the infection is severe and spreading to other parts of the foot, visit a podiatrist for treatment.


Foot Problems

A bunion is a condition in which a bump is formed on the top or side of the toe joint. The condition is common in women due to the narrow footwear they wear. Wearing narrow sandals or shoes puts the pressure on the toe that leads to the formation of the bump.

A person with a bunion in the foot can wear a bunion pad in the shoes that protect the bump from pressure. You can use ice treatment to reduce the inflammation and visit a foot specialist for proper treatment of the condition.

Ingrown toenails

Foot Problems

The ingrown toenail is the condition in which the nails of the fingers start growing into the nail groove. Wearing narrow shoes is one of the reasons for ingrown toenails, but they can also grow due to lack of care and poor foot health. The symptoms include the redness, pain and swelling in the nail groove that indicates infection.

The person with ingrown toenails should try to keep his/her feet dry all the time and wear comfortable shoes that are not narrow at the toe. Avoid cutting the nails round as it can increase the inward growth. If the condition becomes severe, it is best to see a podiatrist like the foot doctor Gold Coast.

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Blisters are the conditions that most people suffer once in their life.  The condition occurs after walking, jogging or running for long durations, especially wearing the incorrect footwear. The formation of blisters is not a serious condition and can heal on its own. However, the person suffering should not cut or burst a blister and consult a podiatrist in case the condition does not improve.


Foot Problems

Corns are the thickened skin patches formed on the bottom of the toes or feet. The causes of corns can be the blister, bunions or wearing poorly fitting shoes. Corns can become painful with time and needs treatment by a foot doctor. One can use over the counter medicines, but the severe conditions may require removal by surgery.

These are some common foot conditions and their treatment. One can try the over the counter medicines and home remedies in the beginning, but the severe conditions need medical treatment. However, a person should never ignore any foot condition whether it is a mild pain or severe problem. People living in or around Brisbane can visit a foot specialist Gold Coast for proper treatment of any foot condition.

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