5 Important Things to Know before Renting an Office Space in Dubai – Guest Post

renting in dubai guide

If you have plans to set up a business in Dubai and look forward to being a part of this commercial and economic hub, having a proper office space is essential. In some cases, the local government encourages you to have a physical presence here so that you can deal with matters most effectively. As the transport and financial center of the UAE, Dubai is the ideal location for establishing a business and offers you a chance to enjoy fruits of your hard work within a short time.

When it comes to setting up an office, you must understand the requirements of a commercial space and work meticulously to go about renting the right space and creating a place for yourself in the busy and highly competitive market. There is a lot to get right when you are looking for office space rental from location to the size and layout of the office to furniture, facility and not to forget, the cost.

An office in the right place will represent the brand or the company and help to create a positive impression about what you can do for the clients. Thus, to set up a business in Dubai, you must work out details and follow the given guidelines to make the right choice and find the most suitable office space.

renting in dubai guide
Renting in dubai guide


Everyone wants to setup business in Dubai, wants an office either on the Sheikh Zayed Road or the Business Center in Business Bay as these are the key location in terms of business as well as convenience and accessibility. Before seeking an office rental here, it is essential to check if you can afford the rents here and if the location and space would serve your purpose. There are numerous other locations that have lesser rents but offer better facilities and services suitable for your business.


You must choose an office space for rent in Dubai that is centrally located and connects easily to other parts of the city. It is best to find an office space that is closer to banks, metro station, malls or bus stop to make it easily accessible to clients.

Features and amenities

Before renting an office space, check out what features and amenities are offered here. You should check if the building has parking facilities, concierge services as well as round the clock cleaning and maintenance so that the clients coming to your office do not feel offended or wonder if you are the right service provider to handle their business.

Rental costs

It is important to do a market survey and check out at least three to four similar office spaces and compare their rents before agreeing to the monthly rental and signing a contract. Also find out the going market rent in that area before negotiating with the owner so that you don’t end up paying more than what it is worth.

Instead of renting office space that appeals most, prefer choosing one that is more practical and helps you achieve the business goals. Rental costs can pretty straining so it is best to save money if you can.

renting in dubai guide
Renting in Dubai guide

Rental terms and conditions

You must discuss the terms and conditions and have them in fine print before signing the contract. It is essential to pay attention to the notice period along with the guarantee that you will enjoy peaceful possession of the property and will be able to conduct your business smoothly without any interference and any damage or loss within the premises will have to be compensated by the owner.

All this is important because it can be pretty unsettling for the business if you keep on hunting fornew office space rental or face a hike in rent just because you missed out these things in the contract.

A business can only progress if you work dedicatedly and pay time and attention to it instead of wasting time on solving rental issues.  It is important to focus on the key points like location, connectivity and rental terms and agreement before office space rentalon Sheikh Zayed Roadin Dubai to avoid facing problems that affect your business.

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