Top Best Home Renovations For The Year 2019

Best Home Renovations

THow will you describe the place that is most safe for all your family members? It is home, right? The dwelling, where all your family members can live in happiness, together. And if it is an old home, the merrier. Sometimes, you need to do some renovations in the old home, or else the family members will get bored. And the situation does not need demolition nor breaking the walls. Home renovation can set the path for new additions such as an extension of the house by building new rooms etc. In this article, let us focus on the top best home renovations for the year 2019.

1. Kitchen and Bathrooms

Best Home Renovations

Yes, home automation and smart electronic appliances are the order of the day. So, you have the smart door locks and home electronic appliances. The customers have focused on bathroom renovation and kitchen modifications for this year of 2019. In developed countries, there are many kitchen faucets (brand name – Delta and Kohler) where you can get the water filled by just voice commands.

In bathroom renovations, you can have smart bathrooms. So, the light glows on once you open the door. The settings are made fit for smart geysers.

Yes, you also have modifications done to make space more for the cooking appliances in the kitchen. There is a special cooker by GE, Whirlpool where the appliance can adjust the temperatures to suit the recipe. But how to make the adjustment in the existing bathroom? You may have to do some modifications. Get the assistance of a home renovation engineer for the job.

2. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Luxury Laundry Rooms

There was a time when the washing machine occupied a tiny space somewhere in the living room or the kitchen. Not any more. After getting converted to a smart appliance, it has moved to become a showstopper. So does all the other appliances. Now new homeowners want to flaunt their smart home gadgets. They want to have spaces to showcase the best devices in their home.

So, rooms in a home are getting altered to fit thermostats near the windows, and living rooms are also getting changes to accommodate other appliances such as the smart bulbs and electrical outlets.

3. Black – The Color Has Come Back

Best Home Renovations

There was a time when the color black was looked with disdain. Now once again, the color has donned the spotlight. So, you can expect to see the bathroom donned in black for a new home.

Also, there is another trend slowly catching up. Black stainless steel is gaining in popularity over the traditional stainless color. So, you have several brands falling for this color in the manufacturing of various items related to the bathroom such as Marvin, Andersen and Ply Gem.

Do you plan to renovate the bathroom in your new home? Then go for the color black this season. And yes, you need to make minor modifications.

4. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Conservation of Water

It is, hardly a decade before the conservation of water came into prominence. Now, every home appliance manufacturer has a new version of the product that promises to save not only water but also electricity. You can expect the same trend even in this season. You not only have the water saving toilets but also the showerheads. The best example at present is the Nebia Spa Shower (version two) where the water consumption gets reduced by 65 percent. And yes, there is no pressure.

In this year, you can have the appliances which can monitor the usage of water consumption in homes. You also have other benefits when it comes to using these appliances. They can turn off the water supply in case of burst pipes.

But yes, you need to do minor modifications when it comes to using these appliances for your bathrooms and kitchen sinks.

5. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Saving Electricity

We have already spoken about how the recent home appliance versions save electricity. Now, why do you need an electric current? If the size of your windows in the home is small, then you need light in the home. So, you put on the switch. How about a complete home renovation, where the windows get modified to large size so as to let sunlight enter the home? Yes, you can also get the best view of outside.

In recent times, the glass wall systems come with blinds and automated control. So, once the home renovation is over, you can make the settings. If you have the habit of waking at 6 am, the home automation can open the blinds exactly at 6 am. You can see more images of this type of home renovation on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

6. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Black Paint in The Bottom Places In A Room

The trend of having black paint in the lower part of the room – yes, you can find it as a common occurrence for homes which have pets. The animals lay their paws on the lower part of the walls and space can have scratch marks if the color is white. On the other hand, if they are in black color, the marks can get hidden in the bundle of black paint.


7. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Glass And Steel Room Dividers

Best Home Renovations

Have you seen the make-shift offices? Chances are that the same trend may happen in homes. The trend is slowly catching up in India. So, in the living room, to make the space easy for everyone, temporary glass partitions may become the order of the day. So, this option can make way for some privacy, light, and reduction of noise. You can term this development as one of the top best home renovations for the year 2019.

8. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Foldable Benches

Best Home Renovations

The world of furniture is always evolving, and yes, the brands are coming with the best quality features. So, you have the couches to foldable benches to bank on.

Have you seen the foldable benches? They are durable, flexible and can stand a certain weight. These benches can be folded and kept on the rack. If needed, they can fulfill the requirement. In the future, a large number of Indian homes may have these benches to save time. The popularity of foldable benches is one of the top best home renovations for the year 2019.

Yes, the benches were used long before, but it was very uncommon. Now, the purchase of foldable benches which can be used for doing homework by children, or to sit and dine are getting popular.

9. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Kitchen Garden

In the older renovations, you will have a small garden near the kitchen. Your mother can add vegetables, herbs from the kitchen garden. Come 2019, if you are opting for the top best home renovations for the year, then make the kitchen have a door which can open to the larger garden.

Agreed, a kitchen is the heart of a home, but it is also a space with a tough environment. The fumes from the cooking can create a hot atmosphere environment for your wife and spouse. So, instead of just the exhaust fan, you can ensure the door opens to the garden or outside environment where there is pure clean air.

10. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Wood Work

Do you have a teenager at home? During building a home, ask for his/her options. In this time of conservation of natural resources, he/she may want a color or room walls painted with light wood color or patterns to create a rustic style.

11. Top best home renovations for the year 2019 – Four Wall Colors

The trend of having a four-wall color has not yet come to homes but is common among offices. So, you have the colors that can either motivate a team or a color that gives way to interaction with relaxation. Some choice colors for this type of top best home renovations are forest green and navy green.

12. The conversation of Attic to A Living Room or Recreation Room

Well, the hunt for more space in the home is a never-ending task. Yes, there was the attic in old homes where only unwanted items were stored. But for five years, the attic has become a hot space for home renovation. There are some who have modified the attic to a recreation room or a library. There are also some homeowners who have made a window at the top to gaze at the stars on a full moon day.

There are also chances, you have occupied the first floor of your home and have built an attic which connects to the first floor.

A. Renovation

So, do you want to go in tandem with the top best home renovations for the year 2019? Then first go to the basics. First find out the fact, if the attic qualifies for the remodification. You need to check the height. So, what is the maximum height of your family member? Is a person six feet? Then the ceiling should be at 7.5 feet in height to get classified as a living space. There is no use in renovating the attic if some family members have to bend their knees to walk around.

B. Seating

Does the attic have more space? Then, consider adding cushions and seats for space. You can consider adding big seats for furniture.

C. Flooring

Is it important? Meaning, the flooring in the attic? It depends on the area of the attic? Is the attic above the kitchen or bedroom? Then you need to have floors which can minimize the sound of walking steps. You can also opt for bright color rugs or wooden plants to lessen the sound. But please note, the renovation cost will remain, and you will have to make it up.

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13. Gardening

This modification project, you can do is only when you have a garden in front of your home. We have searched the length and breadth of the internet to give some wonderful DIY tips to make the space more beautiful for the home.

You can give a wonderful touch to the garden within the budget.

A. Garden Fence

Best Home Renovations

Can you do wonders in the garden? You bet. Search for the best ideas on Pinterest. Who knows, you can do a wonderful job with granite slabs, thick wire, and some plants. And everyone will find difficulty in believing the task as a DIY job.

B. Feeders In The Garden

The entire living beings in this globe survive on one aspect – humanity. So, why don’t you make the garden a feeding place or drinking spot for birds and animals? And to top it all, the items can be made from household items such as jars, pots, and plates.

If you have a large bowl, convert it into a birdbath space. In the red hot summer, let the birds, squirrels take a dip in the cold water. Yes, they will also add to the charm of the garden.

C. Stepping Stones

The plain concrete stones will give a boring look. So put them at a pattern while giving them a bright color. But you will need some paint and stone slabs.

D. After Party Bottles

Are you left with after-party bottles of different sizes? You can use them to create borders in the garden.


So, there ends the article with the title on the top best home renovations for the year 2019. And yes, in the article are some renovations that can be done by the DIY method. For the others, you need the assistance of a civil engineer or a professional skilled in home renovation.

Now, how do you get the best for your home renovation? We will explain with an example. You have been living in Bangalore for more than five decades. The new generation wants to renovate the home in some places. Also, they want new rooms to be added to the present home. In a similar situation, you need to hire the best civil contractors in Bangalore for completing the home renovation jobs.

Yes, to hire the best, you can search on the internet, give advertisement on forums and many more, but there is an easy way out. There are many companies who offer doorstep repair services for home appliances in Bangalore. They also have reputed civil contractor vendors in their payrolls.

You can download their app, search for the best rating contractors who suit your requirement and then place a request. The concerned contractor will call, and ask you to fix the meeting. As per your own convenient time. On a concerned day, he/she will come to your house, conduct an inspection. In the meeting, you can clarify the doubts, and once you come to an agreement, the home renovation will start and end as per your requirement.

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