6 Vital Tips To Improve Website Design In 2019

improve website design

A website needs to immediately grab the visitors’ attention to improve the chances of converting them into users. A list of tips to improve website design is being presented in this article. This will help professionals in creating attractive layouts designed to fulfill the website owners’ goals. Whether you are converting HTML to WordPress or migrating from other platforms, it is essential to strike a balance between visual appeal and functionality. An interface must communicate all relevant information about the entity it represents. At the same time, it must also encourage the visitors to take an action necessary for meeting a defined objective. The following suggestions will be helpful in creating improved web designs this year:

1. Ensure Streamlined Navigation On The Website – Improve Website Design

An attractive interface where people cannot find anything easily is useless. Dissatisfied visitors will leave the interface because of confusion which will lead to a high bounce rate. It is essential that the layout is organized in a way that people easily locate different sections. Provide links to important areas in the header as well as the footer. Place a menu in a location which is hard to miss. Arrange the different elements in an orderly fashion to give an uncluttered look to the layout. Streamlined navigation is necessary for good user experience as it ensures that people locate everything without any trouble.

2. Identify And Include Appropriate CTAs

The objective of a website is to provide information to users that can solve a problem for them. When people arrive on an interface, there must be indicators prompting them to take the desired step. Calls to action are instruments which help in this purpose. You must have seen these buttons on various interfaces asking you to “Buy now” or “Sign Up”. Do not place a generic tab on your website. Identify the kind of action you want the target audience to take and then create a CTA accordingly. Let’s say, you run a pest control business. Then suitable CTAs can be “Request A Quote”, “Click To Get Rid Of Bugs”, or “Schedule A Demo”.

3. Never Use Stock Images And Low-quality Content

Users are spoilt for choices and you need to immediately capture their attention. The visual appeal, therefore, becomes extremely important. Most people try to cut costs by using freely available stock images. These pictures are undoubted of good quality but they do not impart a distinct look to the layout. It will be hard for visitors to visually distinguish an interface with generic photos from its competitors. Invest in creating custom pictures for your website. Another element that can put off visitors is the website content. It is essential to create unique content for your website and constantly update it. People are looking for helpful information and in case they do not find it, they will simply leave the interface for another option. Engage professional writers to compose unique material for your interface and ensure that it is updated regularly.   

improve website design

4. Enable Infinite Scrolling On The Website -Improve Website Design

One of the most helpful tips to improve website design is to enable infinite scrolling on the interface. Instead of clicking a person can see all the content simply by moving down a page. This can be an effective tactic to keep people engaged with an interface and help in lowering the bounce rate. It will also be a much better approach as you do not have to worry about above the fold content. On regular pages with limited space, it becomes necessary to keep important element like the value proposition in the upper half of the page. This can lead to other key content being relegated to the bottom part. Scrolling will also help mobile users in navigating through an interface easily.

5. Leave Ample White Space – Improve Website Design

2019 seems to be the year of simple web layouts. Experts are stressing on creating neat and organized designs to give visual relief to visitors. The white space becomes an important design element in this regard. Leaving ample negative spaces will give an uncluttered look to a page. It will also help in drawing visitors attention towards elements or locations you want them to visit. Enough blank area around CTA buttons and other icons will put emphasis on them. It will also improve the readability of the content.

6. Incorporate Responsive Elements In The Design – Improve Website Design

Smart devices have become the most popular option for surfing the web. The trend forced Google to start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. In today’s world, it is essential to have an interface optimized for mobile gadgets. Responsive web design must be used to create websites that can be displayed easily in all kinds of devices. Failing to integrate responsive elements in the layout will only lead to a drop in traffic and loss in business.

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New, as well as existing website owners, must take note of the tips to improve website design mentioned here. These suggestions will be helpful in creating an attractive interface with reach features which will improve their business prospects.

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