What is the Right Time to Paint the Exterior of House

Exterior Painting

The exterior of the house represents the lifestyle of a homeowner. The exterior painting plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house. To maintain the elegant look of your house, you need to paint the exterior of the house after a certain time period when paint starts to peel or become dull. The reason behind the dullness, cracking of paint, and other problems can be environmental factors.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to give a fresh look to your house. Homeowners paint their house to enhance the look or selling the house. Most of the people wait for the perfect weather condition to paint the house. Spring season is one of the best time of year to do the exterior painting. To get the painting done properly, you should get in touch with Cape Cod house painters for satisfactory painting results. The skilled Barnstable painter will help you in selecting the right color to give a new look to your house.

You might be thinking, how often you should paint the house? The answer to this question depends on various factors that include home exterior finish, quality of the last paint job done, and the location of your property.

Exterior Painting

Time to Paint your House –Exterior Painting

There are various materials used for siding of the house. Following is the time period when you should paint different types of siding:

  • If you are having wood siding, then you should repaint it after 3 to 7 years or it should be stained approximately every 4 years.
  • In the case of aluminum siding, you should go for repainting after every 5 years. For stucco, the time should be 5 to 6 years.
  • If you are having new types of material, then they require less touch ups. For instance, in case of cement fiberboard siding need painting only about once in 10 to 15 years.
  • In the case of brick, if it stays unpainted, it only requires occasional cleaning to get a clean look. But remember you need to paint the trim as well. If you plan to do the paint, then a quality paint job will last for 15 to 20 years.

Point to Remember –Exterior Painting

Don’t try to save the money. If you are doing so, you will only be making the preparation work difficult that results in expensive painting job. The exposed patches and damaged paint are the signals for you that you need to paint your house as soon as possible to protect the look of your house.

Factors Affecting the Paint’s Durability –Exterior Painting

Following are the factors that affect the paint’s durability:

Previous Painting Job

One of the major factors that decides how long your paint will stay is dependent on quality of the painting job done previously. It also depends on the quality, color of paint, and the number of coats used for the exterior of your house. Furthermore, it is also dependent on the weather condition when you are going to paint the house. For your information, the high quality and light shades of paint will last longer. For the best painting results, one hundred percent of acrylic paint is one of the most durable and resistant in fading. You can also look at the different house painting color combination to see which goes best with the exterior of your house.

Climate Condition

If you are living in an area with hot, sunny summers, and without shelter of trees, then these conditions will cause the paint to bubble and will fade away quickly. This condition is more common for the darker hues, oil-based paint, and synthetic pigments. Moreover, other climate conditions that will affect the paint is harsh winters, extreme humidity, storms, salty ocean breezes, and blowing sand.

Maintenance and Care

Care is the prerequisite to maintain your house paint. You should inspect your exterior regularly to identify the sign of dullness, cracking, or tear. Other problems may include rot, chalkiness, dampness, termite, mold, and other infestation. You need to take care of these problems and to keep moisture away you should prefer sealing and caulking if necessary.

Exterior Painting

How to Prepare for Long Lasting Painting Job

Following are the four exterior house painting tips to make your home paint last longer:

  • 1-Before you start the painting job, you need to do some improvements first. If there is mold or insect problem, then you need to fix it prior painting.  Having rotten wood, any cracks to repair, and holes in stucco, then you should do it for smooth finishes. Additionally, if you are planning to remove the problems related to peeling, bubbling, cracking, then you should go for sandblasting.
  • Most of the homeowners also go for pressure washing options. When opting this, you should follow the paint manufacturer recommendations of the amount and range of pressure required for the paint.
  • 2- After the cleaning process, you should let your house dry completely. You need to do this to avoid trapping the moisture beneath the paint. Keeping this in view, after the raining season, you should also wait before you start the exterior painting on your property.
  • 3- You should check the weather forecast to avoid the problems. Painting should be done during the dry days, mild weather but not on windy days. To ensure optimal drying of paint, the temperature should be 50°- 85° F.
  • 4- It is recommended to hire professional painting contractors for the exterior house. The reason behind this is that experts will do the job properly using the latest techniques and the right equipment. They will also guide you to select the right color for your house exterior to make a good style statement as they are aware of the trends.

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Hope this aforementioned information will be helpful for you. Painting should be done on time to protect the look of your house. If you are planning to paint your house, then it is suggested to hire experienced Barnstable painter for the job to get the best paint finish on time.

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