How to Secure Online Gamers Through Privacy Tools

How to Secure Online Gamers

Online privacy has become a big concern over the past decade, which affected multiple fields. Among them, online gaming was on the top list. In early 2015, a list of 1800 Minecraft usernames and passwords were leaked online according to an official report. The leaked data would enable anyone to log in as the real account holder and download the full version of the game.

How these profiles were hacked is still not sure because Microsoft did not confirm a breach in their system. The only possible cause would be through phishing or keylogging malware. That is just one incident, more have occurred which never made the headlines while the rest incur heavy losses.

The question arises how can players protect themselves from such threatening endeavors?

Protection from DDoS Attacks

DDoS is a streamlined type of cybersecurity attack that uses multiple serious protective measures. Various companies are working that specializes in DDoS mitigation that includes Cloudflare and an efficient solution strategy revolving around hiring the services of such specialist companies. But the initial problem is the cost attached. Small game developers cannot afford such practices.

Then again, the need for a cost-effective solution is required because gamers will have a better chance to stand ground against DDoS attacks. Let’s see how you can prevent it.

Improving your Overall System Security

Most DDoS start off as malware infections injected in email attachments and web links. These security threats and failure to incorporate a defense outcome in your computer expose gamers to all kinds of malicious threats. Among which some will lead to DDoS.

The malicious attack might hit you as a gamer or make use of your profile as a BOT to flood your game developer servers or ISPs until it gives in to the exponential volume of requests through the botnet. In all cases, make sure that your device, PC, or computer has proper preventive measures and are not open to hackers. As a good example, look at how these minute windows security essentials can have a long-lasting positive effect on your security.

Using Online Security Tools – VPNs

For all DDoS attacks, there is a small pre-requisite; the knowledge of the IP address. If your gaming rival knows about your IP address, it can be within his power to create a DDoS on you and mess the entire game (if he hates you enough of course). The basic countermeasure to steer away from a DDoS attack is to spoof your IP address.

Even if you are running on Mac, it doesn’t mean the operating system cannot be injected with malware and other possible threats. It is recommended to use an online privacy tool such as VPN. The VPN will easily encrypt your traffic which travels in a tunnel secure from outside intervention.

If a gamer or anyone tries to send you a DDoS attack while a VPN is connected, then the DDoS attack will circulate in the VPN server without harming the gamer. This is how a VPN will shield you from DDoS by hiding your IP address.

DDoS Mitigation strategies for Small Developers

As from a developers perspective, the strategies and tools required to wave off DDoS attempts are more costly. This is because an ordinary VPN will not support high band requirements of developers which are needed to support fast and smooth online gaming.

A premium VPN that has a good history of security features can be the best possible measure that forms a broader mitigation strategy of game developers. Apart from this, developers can consider backup servers, as explained below.

Use Backup Servers

In a DDoS attack, the gaming server may fall victim to it. To prevent it, having a few backup servers can aid to avoid any lagging of the service. If these interruptions are witnessed multiple times, it could lead to a severe cost for developers to solve it and a painful period for gamers.

A backup service will allow developers to carry on providing services to clients while simultaneously, the affected servers can be fixed. Usually, it wouldn’t take much time for the problem-centric server to be fixed and to come back online so users can start using the servers again.

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The DDoS attack is a big hassle for gamers and the developers itself because the cost of a damaging attack can be gruesome, and reaching the appropriate solution would take time and money. Then again, players shouldn’t opt for expensive solutions, the disaster can be averted by using online security tools such as VPNs.

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