Top 10 Futuristic Gadgets to Looking Forward in 2019

Futuristic Gadgets

There was a time when we use landline phones and now it’s easy for us to make video calls in order to connect with another person no matter even if he/she lives a thousand miles far away.

We have come a long way and we are still heading towards innovation and technology continuously. Humans are using a lot of gadgets and gizmos in their daily life these days. It has been almost impossible to think about our life without machines and gadgets.

Today we are going to discuss futuristic gadgets. Futuristic gadgets are something like next-generation gadgets loaded with advanced technology. Here I have put an effort into creating a top 10 list of futuristic gadgets that can be easily ordered online with the help of a UK forwarding service.

1.Health Monitoring Gadgets

futuristic gadgets

When it comes to health monitoring gadgets there are lots of such devices available these days. These innovative gadgets are equipped with best ever health tracking technologies.

You can own some of the daily life health-tracking gadgets such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, sleep trackers, weight monitors, sugar and blood pressures trackers, etc. Most of the daily life fitness gadgets come with easier user interface and worthy features.

2.VR Headsets

futuristic gadgets

VR headsets are such an incredible invention for us. It provides a completely different way of watching visual content. VR technology is a futuristic technology and going to change the world of entertainment and communication.

Virtual Reality has gained huge popularity in just a few years and had revolutionized the visual market. Though these gadgets were expensive when released many manufacturers are now offering these gizmos in the comparatively affordable price range.

I have featured an Oculus Rift VR headset for you. If you want to spend money on buying quality VR headsets, Oculus can be a better option to go with.


  • NVIDIA GTX graphics card
  • 8GB memory
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Intel i5-4590 CPU
  • Lifelike controls

3.Body Implants

futuristic gadgets

Medical science has developed drastically over the years. Today doctors are treating various kinds of diseases using nanorobots and body implants.

Although you don’t need to use these types of gadgets unless you are suffering from any medical problem and even these nano-sized machines aren’t available in the electronic market. In the near future, these body implants and microscopic machines will be used more and more to treat many medical problems.

Today these mini gadgets are being used for multiple purposes including:

  • Nano chips are implanted in the brain of patients suffering from anxiety and dementia to fight memory loss
  • Tiny sensors are injected into the body to detect several types of cancers
  • Nano-sized robotic devices used for treating tumors and clogged veins

4.Wireless Chargers

Now, this is something revolutionary gadgets in the smartphone industry. The wireless charging concept is great and now you can charge your smartphone without plugging it into the charging cable.

Most of the wireless chargers also come with fast charging technology which ensures lightning charging wirelessly. I have listed Belkin wireless charging pad for you and trust me it is one of the best chargers and will worth of your every penny invested.


  • Fast charging
  • Compatible with both Android and Mac smartphones
  • 10W output
  • Universal Qi compatibility
  • Charging indicator

5.Smart Clothes

Now technology is wearable but not just in the form of watches or bands. Nowadays you can wear smart clothes equipped with sensors and chipsets.

Some of these smart clothes are designed to work as a fitness tracker and can monitor your steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, and other parameters.

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The list of futuristic gadgets will be incomplete without including drones. These small flying machines have influenced the world of tech gadgets. These machines are being used for almost every purpose such as disaster management, photography, video recording, parcel forwarding, defense, fire fighting and many more.

There will be a huge increase in importance and usability of drones in the future. If you want to spend money on some gadgets this year then buying a camera drone will be a great idea.

You can explore a completely new world of photography and video capture with a drone camera. The best of the drones is that they are easy to operate and one can easily learn to fly these aerial machines in just a few days. I have featured one for you and have also listed some of its features:


  • HD camera
  • Hold function
  • 30-meter connectivity range
  • Lightweight
  • 120-degree wide angle lens camera
  • 1280x720p HD video recording

7.Humanoid Robots

Most of us love to watch science fiction movies. Personally, I am a big fan of Terminator series and have watched all the movies. Humanoid robots are like real-life terminators and going to decide our world’s future.

Robots equipped with artificial intelligence can help us a lot in multiple ways. Similarly, as body implants, you may not buy these robots at electronic shops. Most of these gadgets or machines are being used for various purposes in commercial, medical and engineering sectors.

8.AI Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are one of the most popular futuristic gadgets. From smart coffee maker to smart TVs and from smart switches to smart CCTV cameras, there are lots of smart home devices available nowadays.

For example, I have included the Belkin smart plug here and it is really incredible. This smart plus lets its users switch on and off their devices even from a great distance. You can also operate it via motion commands and can put your electric devices or appliances on schedule.


  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity
  • Loaded with motion sensors
  • Help in reducing electricity bills
  • Ensure more life to electric appliances
  • Schedule your devices

9.Smart Commutes

Now our means of communication is also going to be smarter. Today vehicles are equipped with geolocation features which help users to track distance and map of a certain place.

Some people are working far beyond this and now you can also ride driverless vehicles. Google and other companies are working on creating driverless vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence capable in tracking the roads, hurdles, map, distance and other things.

10.5G Networks

We have used 2G, 3G and 4G networks but in the near future, we will start using 5G networks. 5G networks will be faster than its predecessors no doubt and will save a lot of our time and energy.

With 5G networks, there will be 5G enabled smartphones and other gadgets will be also manufactured. Scientists are working on 5G and I hope we will start using these fast networks as soon as possible.

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Bottom Line:

Predicting our future isn’t easy or maybe not possible but it is possible to create a list of futuristic gadgets. Some of the gadgets listed here are being already used by people and some will be available in the coming time.

If you are a gadget freak and want to add a few more to your collection, spending money on a few of these futuristic gadgets will be a great idea.

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