Nikon Z6 Camera Review

Nikon Z6

Faster FPS, Marvelous low light image, Great quality, Wider ISO these are just some pros of Nikon Z6. Nikon as a camera company always give their best considering price, quality, and expectations by the user and set a remark that phones can’t beat the cameras.

A litter sister of Nikon Z7, Nikon Z6 was also the star when Nikon announced and released their mirrorless series the Z series. Higher ISO, faster processing speed, the autofocus system and especially the firmware 2.0 combinedly with the cost of $2000 makes it a better choice for many people.

Awesome design, but single memory card slot. Is the Z6 is the perfect camera you been searching? Find out in our full detailed review of Nikon Z6


Nikon Z6 comes with a remarkable rapid burst rate of 12 fps higher than that of Z7. The looks and design are the same as those of Z7. The 3.2” display is very impressive.

Z6 benchmark is its 3.69 million dot electronic viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder has some cons like the power utilization compared to optical viewfinder but the Electronic one in Z6 gives the user an extremely exact and accurate preview along with white balance and exposure. You can easily buy this device online using Paytm Referral with great deals.

The performance of Z6 is unbeatable and is almost equal to high-class DSLR. EVF bump makes the body slightly larger than normal mirrorless series cams. Nikon’s stabilized sensor in Z6 can’t be ignored, it has 5 stops of shake reduction system. We all know Nikon has never done the in-body stabilization work but here they stand beyond the limits.

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Fewer megapixels less than the Z7 becomes plus point as creates less noise on high ISO. Z6 provides the best of Nikon’s high ISO images.

Design and Build Quality

Nikon Z6

As the mentioned earlier design of Z6 is totally the same as that of Z7 beautiful rangefinder-style mirrorless body. As like many DSLR Nikon Z6 has a secondary display as well on the top.  Information’s like a battery, space in XQD card, exposure and other options will be shown on that display.

The screen comes with a variety of control nearby like control wheels(dual), shutter button, on/off buttons. And for ease, there is an ISO as well as recode button on the camera and mode dial on the other end. For white balance as well as for autofocus it has two buttons in the front of the lens, but those are customizable also.

Talking about the backside, totally taken by the beautiful titling touchscreen display which provides more ease in swapping or changing any setting. Z6 can be seen thinner than most tripod quick release plates. And of course, Nikon has added a tripod mount on the adapter.

The dimension is 134 x 101 x 68mm and so weighs about 675g which is well comparable to DSLR and camera with this specs.

Z6 comes with the latest Wi-fi 802.11ac for fastest connectivity and sharing. It also has Bluetooth, HDMI, Microphone, Headphone jack and USB 3.1 Gen 1 for fastest sharing.

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Really the overall performance of Z6 was outstanding and don’t have any big performance issues. Nikon gives the best amount of weather sealing in Z6, you have taken pictures even in heavy snow or rain without any problem.

As mentioned earlier Nikon has introduced the in-body stabilization in Z6 and it is really awesome and proves Nikon again. But the real level of this can be felled in low lighting conditions and the best thing is it works with both adapted F as well as native Z lenses. Even the results can be seen in the recorded video also.

How can forget autofocusing? Z6 have amazing shooting speed. Z6 is slightly down in numbers in case of autofocus than Z7, Z6 uses a 273 point and Z7, 493. But then also we have seen Z6 locking speed on moving as well as silent objects and it’s unbeatable.

The Z6 battery is also remarkable. Nikon claims of 300 shots but sometimes it can even go take 900 before shutting down. The battery time is variable from condition to the condition as if you will use EVF always the battery drain will be faster than normal. In addition to this if you are looking for a technical officer job then it could be the best chance to try it.

Firmware 2.0 is plus point in Z6 which have eye detection autofocus. It is activated automatically in auto- area autofocus mode.

Final performance review, “The image quality”. The Z6 is the hero of low light photography. Z6 have one of the greatest ISO range and image totally proves it. Accurate colors together with the impressive balance in a legendary photo will be the output of this amazing device

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Nikon Z6 is available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites for $1999 and comes with as usual Nikon one-year warranty. No doubt Z6 has faster performance and great photo quality and with such specification, it comes @ $1999 makes it more impressive than its competitors. The in-body stabilization or the EVF is also great things that Nikon decided to provide in this device. If you are searching for a mirrorless camera, for traveling, portrait or for starting photography no doubt just go for it.

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