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Due to the growing digitalization, competition has grown on digital platforms to always remain in front of the audience. Your business needs to be known by at-least to your targeted audience. This can be done, only by having the best digital marketing firm on your side. With many options available, one needs to select the best among them. Searching on Google is one of the options, but is definitely not the most reliable one. Due to more of paid advertisements, you can see results coming up of Google search engines, but they may not be the reliable one. In this case, it is always advisable that you take some expert advice before selecting a digital marketing agency.

If your business is headquartered in India then it is always better you choose the Indian marketing agency. This is because, hiring foreign agency will only cost you more, which can be almost 5 times that you will be paying in India. Also, one of the factors to consider Indian agency is, they can relate to you and your targeted audience behavior in better ways than others. This helps your business to grow well in your market and industry.

As of now, I am associated with one such organization named Rankraft the Indian agency that provides you all the best of digital marketing services in India at very affordable prices. My business is really doing well, and now I can see the leads getting generated through my digital activities that are carried out by Rankraft on my behalf. The best thing about them is, once when you get associated with them, they take the whole responsibility to make your online business successful.

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1. Rankraft


Rankraft is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies holding a number of big projects under them. They have experts from different sectors and they concentrate on the specific work to make you a famous brand.  Every post and marketing camping comes with a unique idea that always works on social media platforms. You can check your SEO score for free by visiting their website!


Services provided by Rankraft are :

  • 1) SEO

SEO generates leads and sales for you through the keyword matching content generated by them. Along with that, they will optimize your website as per the SEO protocols in order to improve its search engine ranking. Rankraft SEO helps in increasing website traffic, brand visibility, generating leads and conversion optimization.
Services under SEO are :

(i) Professional SEO

(ii) Website SEO Audit

(iii) On-Page SEO

(iv) Link building

  • 2) Social Media Marketing

Nowadays social media marketing services India is a must to do a thing for growing your business on online platforms.

Rankraft creates and shares content, posts, videos, infographics, etc for your business to stay connected with your desired audience. It is an Indian social media marketing company that manage top performing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using relevant social media optimizing strategies.

You can get the whole service of content creation and marketing or just marketing for your website. Social media marketing helps in gaining attention and generate interest among digital and analog world through different social networking platforms.

Rankraft provides social media marketing services are :

(i) Social media publicity

(ii) Paid advertisements

(iii) E-mail marketing

  • 3)  Creative Services

Digital marketing is nothing without the creativity in everything that you place on your website or post on online platforms. Rankraft provides you all the creative work right from competition survey, analysis to content curation, designing, etc.  

Rankraft provides the following creative services :

(i) Content Writing

(ii) Graphic Designing

  • 4) Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps you find out the statistics of your business carried out on different platforms. Analytics makes you understand where you are doing good and where you are lacking so that you can focus on those parameters. It also helps to find out your audience behavior as per their location, age, and gender. Thus, it is a valuable report for your marketing activities.

Rankraft provides the following Web Analytics services :

(i) Heatmap tool

(ii) Google Analytics

All the above-mentioned services are offered in the plans for separate services and for bulk services, you can avail the best combo services.  To know more about the services and packages feel free to contact them, their experts will guide you in a better way.

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Outsource to Rankraft :

Due to the large software workforce available in India, people like to outsource their projects to Indian companies.  Similarly, Rankraft also provides outsource service for your projects located outside India. You don’t have to pay anything extra to them as the same costing is done for the projects from any corner of the world.  Rankraft will definitely work for you as per your sector and audience behavior to provide recognition to your business.

Refer and Earn :


This is one of the best things you can find for yourself.  Even if you don’t have digital marketing needs or an online business, you can earn through their refer and earn program.

In this program, you just need to provide a reference from your side to Rankraft and on the total amount, you will get 20% commission on each project. No matter what amount of sales get generated, you will get a commission for sure.


Conclusion :

Rankraft is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs that helps your online business grow.

For any kind of information regarding Rankraft or the services visit their website or reach out to them through the number provided on the website.

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